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Facial Services

Rose Garden Signature Facial

Experience the best of traditional facial techniques and technologically advanced methods in a treatment suited to your skin's needs. The essentials of exfoliation, hydration, and oxygenation are brought to you in a protocol to promote a healthier, nourished complexion. Please allow 60 minutes for this service.

$88.00 each or a series of 3 for $237.00

The Therapeutic Mask Series from PCA SKIN delivers a whole new generation of treatment masks, providing an array of corrective ingredients formulated to uncover healthy, beautiful skin.

Therapeutic Oat Milk Mask Treatment

The Therapeutic Oat Milk Mask Treatment is a scientifically advanced remedy for all dry skin conditions. It was strategically formulated to soothe and hydrate impaired skin conditions of all kinds. A host of active ingredients including oat milk, honey, arnica and cucumber provide deep, soothing hydration. Please allow 40 minutes for this treatment.

Oak Milk Mask


Therapeutic Papaya Mask Treatment

The Therapeutic Papaya Mask Treatment is an active blend of papaya, honey and fruit extracts. It is the key to radiant, younger looking skin. Potent antioxidants release impacted skin cells and reduce inflammation, leaving skin smooth and glowing. Please allow 40 minutes for this treatment.

Papaya Mask


Acne Escape Facial

Address the specific problems associated with acne prone skin through an antibacterial treatment to help purify, heal and calm inflammation. This treatment is suitable for adult or teen acne. Please allow 60 minutes for this service.


The Garden Essential Facial

Packed with essentials to revitalize and enrich the skin. Beneficial vitamins and minerals work to smooth and brighten the complexion making this abbreviated facial time well spent. Please allow 45 minutes for this service.


Roscea Relief Facial

Less is more with the Roscea Facial. Temperate methods give relief to dryness, blotchiness and flakiness. The fundamentals of hydration, cleansing and exfoliating make way for a smoother, healthier complexion Please allow 60 minutes for this service.


Chemical Peels

Physician's Choice of Arizona Skin Care Systems (PCA) offers a variety of naturally-occurring "fruit" acid peels to improve and enhance your appearance. These treatments will effectively help reduce the depth of surface lines, smooth out rough texture, help fade brown spots and assist in drying out acne/blemished skin. The treatments are designed to give visible results, especially effective on rosacea, sun-damaged, mature, blemished and unevenly-pigmented skin. Safe to repeat monthly with no down time. Please allow 30-40 minutes for this service.

$70.00 to $115.00 (Price varies depending on treatment)


Specialty Treatments to add to your Facial

Enjoy the benefits of these specifically targeted treatments for the eyses, neck and hands. Add one or all to your facial at a reduced price.

Hydrating Eye Treatment

Fight the signs of aging with an intense collagen treatment to help plump up wrinkles and hydrate the fragile eye area.

$22.00 with facial

Firming Neck & D�collet� Treatment

Help tighten, moisturize and nourish the often-neglected neck and D�collet� area with a treatment rich in collagen and firming plan extracts.

$28.00 with facial

Green Tea Mint Hand Treatment

The perfect blend of Dead Sea salts and essential oils heal, rejuvenate, and smooth dry, over worked hands.

$25.00 with facial

Cancellation Policy: Please give 12 hours notice if you are unable to keep an appointment. If a cancellation is made with less than 4 hours notice, one is subject to a cancellation fee valued at 50% of the requested service. If an appointment is missed without giving any notice, one is responsible for the full value of the scheduled service. Thank you for your consideration.

*Note: Prices are subject to change